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Partner of this company being experienced for 26 years in Oil & gas exploration with MI Overseas, Baker Hughes Inteq & ONGC, started venture with production of following:

Bentonite Powder API-13A

Bentonite Powder API-13A (9)

For vertical drilling of Oil & Gas exploration, available in Jumbo bags of 1000 kg and 25kg & 50 kg laminated HDPE bags. 20’ container accommodates 27 MT material.

Bentonite OCMA

As per OCMA Specs., Suitable for vertical Oil & Gas drilling and water well drilling. Packing: Jumbo bag of 1000 kgs. & 25kgs. & 50kgs. HDPE Laminated bags.

Bentonite OCMA
Bentonite High Gel

Bentonite High Gel (220 bbls/ton)

Specially processed from hand-picked sodium montmorillonite lumps, gives immediate gelling, a must for HDD. This grade is used for SWEEPS in Oil & Gas exploration.

Diatomite Earth

Synonyms: Amorphous silica, Diatomaceous earth, Siliceous clay, Silicone dioxide & Kieselguhr. SiO2 content >85%, Al2O3 < 5%, Fe2O3 < 2%. Reactive Silica > 95%. Size 100 to 350 mesh.

20’ container: 12-14 MT

Diatomite Earth
Lost Circulation Material

Lost Circulation Material

Fibrous material: Any powder from cellulosic fiber material like Walnut shell, Corn cob / wood / Rice husk/ Cotton waste cuttings/ Ground nut shell / Cotton seed hulls / Jute fiber and Coconut fiber.

Flaky material: Calcium carbonate (Non-damaging for pay zone) Mica / Muscovite flakes / Cellulosic flakes / Ground nut flakes / Rice husk / Cashew nut husk.

Granular material: Walnut shell granules / Calcite granules / Marble granules / Cellulosic granules / Coconut shell granules.