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Partner of this company being experienced for 26 years in Oil & gas exploration with MI Overseas, Baker Hughes Inteq & ONGC, started venture with production of following:

Bentonite Powder API-13A

Bentonite Powder API-13A (9)

Main Properties Application Packing
Buff to tan color powder S.G.: 2.5-2.7 PV/YP ratio: < 3 API F/loss: 15cc Max. Residue greater than 75µ: 2 % max. Viscosifier Reduces API F/loss Used as spud mud. 25kg / 50kg HDPE bags / 1000kg Big bag. Customised packing.

SHALE-IN (Shale Inhibitor)


Main Properties Application Packing
Pale yellow to Light brown liquid. S.G.: 1.03-1.07 pH 5% solution: 9.2 – 10.2 Solubility in water: 100% 2% treatment reduces >50% Av & YP. Inhibits shale +Gumbo shale, protects cuttings from hydration, prevents bit balling, Effective at high concn. of Cl-,Protects tubulars from corrosion, Environmentally friendly& Non-Toxic. 200 ltrs (55 gal.) in drums. Customised packing
Bentonite OCMA
Bentonite High Gel

Corrosion Inhibitor (Amine)

Main Properties Application Packing
Pale yellow to brownish liquid. S.G.: 1.10-1.12 pH: Alkaline Solubility in water: 100% Controls internal corrosion by dissolved oxygen. Biodegradable . Best protection for pipelines. 200 ltrs (55 gal.) in drums. Customised packing


Synonyms : Tannin Thinner;

Equivalent: Wel-Sperse

Main Properties Application Packing
Dark Brown colour S.G: 1.2 – 1.3 pH 2%: 4-5 Ash content: 1.2% max. Insolubles: 1.0 % max. Density: 0.7-0.9 kg/m3 Deflocculant above 4000F, Ca++ tolerant upto 5000 ppm, Non-Taxic, Environ -mentally friendly, mud thinner, increases penetration rate. 25kg HDPE bags 900 kgs. Big bag. Customised packing
Diatomite Earth
Lost Circulation Material

Caustizied Lignite

Main Properties Application Packing
Dark brown powder pH of 1% soln.: 9.5 Water solubility: >80 % Maintains Rheology Controls Filtration loss Maintains pH. 25kg HDPE bags 25kg Paper bags Customised packing

Sulphonated Asphalt (Supreme)

Main Properties Application Packing
Dark Brown colour S.G: 0.90-0.96 pH 2%: >8.5 Water Solubility: >70% Shale stabiliser Lowers HTHP Fluid loss Lowers torque & drag 25kg HDPE bags 25kg Paper bags Customised packing
Diatomite Earth
Lost Circulation Material

Salt (PVD) NaCl for brine / Drilling

Main Properties Application Packing
White crystalline S.G: 2.16-2.17 Solubility: 36g/100ml @1000C. Moisture: 0.2 max. Whiteness: 94-95 Index For making clear brine of SG. 1.18 25kg HDPE bags 25kg Paper bags 1000kg big Bag packing

Diatomite Earth

Synonyms: Amorphous silica, Diatomaceous earth, Siliceous clay, Silicone dioxide & Kieselguhr. SiO2 content >85%, Al2O3 < 5%, Fe2O3 < 2%. Reactive Silica> 95%. Size 100 to 350 mesh.

20' container: 12-14 MT

Diatomite Earth

LCM/Lost Circulation Material/Lost Circulation Additive:

  • Cellu-Seal/Max-Seal/Pills is a versatile lost-circulation material engineered to mitigate both significant lost circulation and minor seepage losses.) is specially crafted flaky material out of eco-friendly Cellulosic fibres, used & compatible for all type of fluid system i.e., Water base, Oil Base & Synthetic based.
  • It evenly mixes and does not form lumps. With negligible effects on rheology, it replaces Muscovite & Calcium carbonate flakes. Available in Coarse, Medium & Fine grades help sealing pores and pore throats of permeable formations encountered during drilling of depleted zones.
  • This is equivalent to MIX-II of SLB, Baro-Fibre of Halliburton, CHEK-LOSS of Baker Hughes and so on.
  • Other products include Qwik-Seal equivalent of SLB's MI-SEAL, Nut Plug, Super-Sweep & Mica Flakes.

Polyamine/Shale Inhibitor:

  • 6 in 1 solution: Gumbo shale inhibitor + Protects cutting from hydration + prevents bit balling + protects tubulars from corrosion + Non-toxic + Environment friendly.
  • Polyamine is best used in high performance water-based drilling fluids for their ability to stabilize clays when drilling through water-sensitive shales.
  • It also coats metal which prevents metal corrosion and bit balling.
  • Unlike KCl does not harm environment.
  • Avoid using Aldehyde based biocides.
  • Eliminates any need for addition of caustic soda or potassium hydroxide.

Caustizied Lignite/Caustic Lignite:

  • Acts as a thinner and dispersant in drilling mud systems.
  • Enhances fluid loss control for efficient drilling.
  • Stabilizes rheological properties to maintain drilling fluid consistency.
  • Extends temperature limits for high-temperature drilling.
  • Assists in oil emulsification to stabilize drilling fluids.
  • Reduces flocculation to prevent particle aggregation.
  • Stabilizes water-based drilling fluids for overall drilling efficiency.

Tannin Thinner/ Chrome-free Thinner/Tanna Thin/Tannin Acid:

  • Organo-Thin is processed out of plant material in the form of Tannic acid, a commercial form of tannin, is not a true acid but an acid-like substance called a polyphenol.
  • Organo-Thin is a superior deflocculant at temperatures exceeding 450°F. It has a calcium tolerance to 5,000 ppm and is completely tolerant to monovalent cations. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe. A mud thinner, but it does not disperse the mud however higher penetration rates are noted resulting in lower drilling costs.
  • It can formulate further to be equivalent to SLB's Tanna-Thin.

Spotting Fluid:

  • Release stuck pipes at relatively low cost.
  • Release of drill pipes that are stuck due to differential pressure between wellbore and the formation.
  • It is equivalent to SLB’s Pipe-Lax.

Primary and Secondary Emulsifier:

  • They create a stable brine-in-oil emulsion.
  • They improve high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) fluid loss.
  • They provide a stable rheological.
  • They are used in conjunction with primary emulsifiers to create a stable invert emulsion
  • They also contribute to improving HPHT fluid loss, electrical stability, and providing a stable rheological.
  • Both primary and secondary emulsifiers are resistant to high temperatures, salt, and calcium invasion. They contribute to well wall stability, provide good lubricity, cause less damage to oil and gas formations, and ensure good mud cake quality.

    The principle of action for both is the same, but they refer to different values of the index. They need to be matched with each other for use3. The primary emulsifier is usually used for creating a water-in-oil emulsion, while the secondary emulsifier is used for oil-in-water emulsion.

Tall Oil Fatty Acid/TOFA

  • TOFA is separated and distilled off from various natural oil stocks and often blended with other fats to provide a better fat profile to be used for several industrial chemical manufacturing processes. Especially for amide and bis-amide synthesis, combination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid imparts low Tg and favors less crystallization.
  • It can also be used for chain termination additive for various polymerization processes.

  • Provides structural support between casing and wellbore.
  • Acts as a barrier to prevent steel corrosion.
  • Blocks oil, gas, or water from traveling through the annulus.
  • Protects fresh water aquifers.
  • Prevents the inflow of undesirable hydrocarbons.
  • Mixed with retarders to slow down the setting process.