Jaykay  Resources

Why Jaykay Resources?

The CEO has been consumer of Bentonite for 23 years.

We are now, processor of Bentonite from last 23 years.

This company started in 1996 by Ex-Mud Engineer (Oil & Gas sector) had been involved in Bentonite Trading 1996 to 1998 to setting up own Processing Unit in heart; as per Bentonite’s Geographical location is concerned, i.e. in Bhuj, Kutch in 2002.

We live & understand Bentonite better than most.

We have our own state of the art Testing lab.

We put Quality above price.

We only undertake to deliver

Activated Bentonite lumps: 10,000 MT per month.

Activated Bentonite powder: 2000 MT

Jaykay Resources

Core Feature



Delivery of right material and satisfaction of customer To supply quality material to buyer



Satisfaction of Customer



All the products before dispatch undergo strict quality test and supervised for packing as per customer requirement.

Our Products